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New Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket

New Triple Cell®
Solar Pool Blanket

How does your pool lose heat?

While the sun is trying to heat your pool, the wind sets up convection currents that steal the same heat at an alarming rate.

Every square centimetre of your pool's surface gives up heat  to the wind by evaporation. The stronger the wind, the greater the heat loss.

Evaporation alone accounts for 60% of the heat loss from your pool. Another 30% of the loss radiates into the air from the water surface and 10% goes into the ground.

How your pool loses heat

What will an Elite Pool Blanket do for me?

Solar Heats for Free!

Elite Super Bubble Blankets are proven to be the best heating blankets available*, so you will swim in warmer water for a lot longer.

Saves precious water

An Elite Super Bubble Blanket will keep the water in, keep the heat in and keep the chemicals in your pool, saving you money.

Keeps your pool clean

You will spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it.

How much warmer will my pool get with an Elite Pool Blanket?

State by State Chart
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Solar pool covers Pool Blanket On Lap Pool Sydney

What makes Elite Blanket range better than others?  *NOT ALL BLANKETS ARE CREATED EQUAL*

The Five Facts about round bubble blankets

 "Ten years ago Elite set out to improve on All aspects of the 'run of the mill round bubble blankets' and succeeded by  developing the Elite Super Bubble Blanket that is proven to out-perform all Solar type of round bubble blankets on the world market.*"


The worlds best round bubble blanket
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  1. There are a number of ”run of the mill” round bubble type blankets on the market. Most of them perform the same as each other i.e. heat the same/as they are the same pale colours.
  2. These “run of the mill” blankets keep the heat in your pool the same, as they all have similar small bubble size, i.e. the same “ok” insulating properties and they will last about the same as each other i.e., as they are the same thickness i.e., 500, 400, 300 micron etc.
  3. Elite Super Bubble Ultra Heat Deep Colour Blankets are proven to heat better than standard pool blankets i.e., darker colours heat better than lighter colours giving you a warmer pool and a longer swimming season* 
  4. Elite’s Super Bubble Blanket is the best insulating round bubble blanket available due to its superb insulating larger higher bubble size.  This gives you a longer swimming season, plus, if your pool is heated you get great energy savings.
  5. Elite Super Bubble Salt Safe/Chlorine Safe 550 Micron Blanket will out-last other round bubble blankets due to its thickness and bubble design. 

 So ask for a sample of what you are getting quoted on and you be the judge!

*  PROVEN RESULTS (Independent scale tank tests and comparative guarded hot plate tests to Australian Standard AS4859-1.)

Solar Blanket  Pool View

Why you need a Roller System for your Pool Blanket?

Almost all pools benefit for using a pool Blanket Roller system to wind up and store a pool blanket because, roller systems extend the life of your pool blanket, make the blanket use far easier and the blanket can be operated by one person with ease.

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